Entity governance is core business of Think Global Compliance (TGC); it’s not an add-on to the legal department or second-best to fund administration. As entity governance experts, our sole focus is to keep your global portfolio in good legal standing with trusted services and sound advice.

Governing a multi-national or global portfolio of entities can be a logistical challenge for even the savviest of corporations; for without proper foresight and planning, it is very easy to displace resources

that should be concentrated on more strategically significant issues. At TGC, we fortify the governance of your entities so you always stay on track.

TGC and Entity Governance:

In a globalized world, it is critical that multinational companies are able to maintain control and visibility of their international compliance deadlines and corporate secretarial activities.
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Choosing TGC as your entity governance partner not only helps to focus on higher value activities, it allows you to stay aligned with local statutory obligations, and capitalize on specialized labour and economies of scale. Read more.

THINK Online™, our proprietary entity governance tool, streamlines your global entity governance activities through a dedicated account manager. THINK Online™ ensures annual

compliance, improved transparency, and reliable accessibility to every necessary aspect of the governance of your entities; all with collaborative, “user friendly” support.